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2017 ISBA Proposed Legislative Priorities

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How a Bill Becomes a Law

The ISBA is the voice of school boards in the State Legislature. We have changed our approach in promoting legislation that we feel is important for schools. Instead of philosophically supporting legislative positions, we will be putting our legislative priorities in draft bill format and finding legislators to sponsor them…and then tracking those bills through the legislative process. Our legislative priorities are gathered by soliciting ideas from board members at regional dinners. Along with the Executive Director, the Legislative Committee then reviews all of the membership’s suggestions and selects items that they feel are important for a majority of school corporations and have a good change of being legislatively enacted.

During each session of the General Assembly, the Executive Director and/or other representatives of the Association are present at the State House, charged with the responsibility of working toward the passage of the ISBA bills and tracking other legislation that will have an impact on public education. The Association prepares a bill-tracking bulletin periodically throughout each legislative session. The bulletin is then emailed to school board members, superintendents, ISBA legislative liaisons and others.

The legislative voice of the school boards needs to have a strong voice in the General Assembly. Consequently, the ISBA is organizing a “grassroots” legislative program that will connect all school board legislative liaisons across the state. Speaking with one voice will dramatically increase the ISBA’s sphere of influence in the Indiana General Assembly.