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Required Policies

  • Board Member Compensation and Expenses
  • Specific Manner for Exercising Any Power Not Granted by a Constitutional or Statutory Provision [Home Rule]
  • Conducting Child Care Programs — School Operated or Contract with Outside Organization
  • Smoke-Free Environment [Designation of Smoking Areas in non-educational facilities]
  • Allocation of Tickets at No Charge or Reduced Rate (Mandatory Only if School Board Distributes Free or Reduced Priced Tickets)
  • Training and Health Precautions for Communicable Diseases
  • Drug-Free Workplace (Mandatory for Schools Receiving Federal Grants)
  • Locker Searches
  • Student Discipline Rules (Including Article 7 Requirements)
  • Homework
  • Red-Shirting/Retention
  • Habitual Truancy
  • Standards of Reasonable Care for Children Under A Child Care Program
  • Early Entrance Appeal Procedure
  • Exit Interview Designee
  • Prohibition of Disclosure of Student Lists to Commercial Entities for Commercial Purposes and/or to Political Entities for Political Purposes
  • Administration of Medication (Required by Article 7)
  • Least Restrictive Environment (Required by Article 7)
  • Educational Surrogate Parent (Required by Article 7)
  • Drug/Alcohol Testing Program for CDL Holders (Bus Drivers)
  • Gun-Free School Act (not necessary if included in Student Discipline Rules)
  • Parental Rights to Inspect Materials/Consent to Non-Curriculum Analysis, Surveys or Evaluations
  • Criminal History Information Small Purchases (under $50,000)
  • Acceptable Use of Internet/Use of Filtering Software [Student and Staff members use – required if school corporation is applying for federal E-rate grants.]
  • Post-Secondary Enrollment Program
  • Hatch Amendment/No Child Left Behind Act – Survey of Student/Parental Consent
  • Title I Parental Involvement
  • Homeless Children
  • Pledge and Display of U.S. Flag
  • Moment of Silence
  • Student Wellness
  • Educating Minors – CIPA