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Board Self-Evaluation

Board of School Trustees Self-Assessment Introduction 

There is more to being a responsible member of the Board of School Trustees than winning elections, attending meetings, and showing interest in educational matters.

A school board’s function is to make decisions – decisions which represent public policy in that school corporation and have the force of law.  No one knows everything about all aspects of school operations.  The best school boards exhibit teamwork in decision-making which also is sensitive to many elements – the community, the professional staff and various branches of government – which share responsibility for public education.

This means that the primary challenge facing a school board member is to learn more about his or her role in the decision-making process.  It also means that a vital function of the ISBA is to help and encourage a school board member to analyze and evaluate his or her role in the decision-making process.  In carrying out this function, the ISBA provides a mechanism for an appraisal of how well a board understands its role from a leadership and governance focus.

This self-assessment can be used for the purpose of:

  1. Identifying the needs of boards and board members,
  2. Gathering perceptions of board members,
  3. Initiating dialogue among board members,
  4. Assisting in the planning for board development/in-service/ retreat sessions.

The instrument provided on this web page is recommended for use by a school board to assess its performance from a leadership and governance perspective.   After every member completes the assessment individually, the assessments should be sent to ISBA for analysis.

The link (below) will open the assessment. Be sure to save your completed assessment, and then send your completed assessment file to Dr. Michael Adamson ( as an email attachment.

Click here to open the assessment.