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Labor Relations Services

Board Services

As an employer, the school board has many responsibilities related to the employment of school personnel. These responsibilities include establishing salaries, fringe benefits, and other working conditions for its employees. The Indiana General Assembly has enacted a collective bargaining law that impacts some of the school board’s employment-related duties as they apply to teachers and other certified employees.

To assist school boards in meeting their obligations under the collective bargaining law, ISBA offers a variety of labor relations services. These services include conducting bargaining workshops, monitoring meetings of the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board (IEERB) and reporting on IEERB decisions, consulting on bargaining and discussion mandates as well as collecting and distributing statewide salary and fringe benefits data. Publications in the labor relations area include the ISBA Management Survey and A Board Member’s Guide to Collective Bargaining.

Questions regarding the collective bargaining law and IEERB-related matters may be directed to Lisa F. Tanselle, Staff Attorney, at (317) 639-0330 ext. 110 or Questions regarding salary, fringe benefit, and other data may be directed to Dr. Michael T. Adamson, at (317) 639-0330 ext. 109 or