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Recommended Policies (by ISBA)

[July 2015]

It is recommended that every Indiana School Board have a policy addressing these issues.
(The policies that are mandated by federal or state statute or regulation appear on a separate list.)

Bylaws/Governance (Operations and Meetings):

Mission Statement
Educational Philosophy
Voting and Abstentions
Meetings [Regular, Special, Open, Executive, Retreats]
Public Participation at Meetings
Rules of Order/Suspension of Rules
Agenda Preparation and Distribution of Materials
Minute Preparation and Approval
Internal Organization [President, Vice President, Secretary]
Unexpired Term/Vacancies
Board Committees
Policy Development, Review & Evaluation
Board Member Code of Ethics
Public Expressions of Board Member
Conflict of Interest
School Attorney [duties and representation of board]
Goals and Objectives
Access to Public Records
Exemptions to Public Records
Board Member Authority
New Board Member Orientation
Allocation of Tickets at No Charge or Reduced Rate


Equal Opportunity Employer [Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Race, Sex, Age, Alienage, Disability and Religion]
Sexual Harassment [Reporting, Handling Allegations, etc.]
Teacher Transfers
Reduction in Force (RIF)
Substitute Teachers
Discipline/Code of Conduct
At-Will Employment
Staff Leaves of Absence [non-certificated]
Staff Absences
Staff Participation in Political Activities
Employees with Communicable Diseases
Line of Authority
Gifts to Employees
Employment Benefits [non-certificated]
Use of School Equipment
Board/Superintendent Relations
Board/Staff Communications
Staff Development
Student Teachers
Resignations of Employees
Employee Travel and Expenses Reimbursement/Payment


Equal Educational Opportunities [Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Race, Sex, Age, Alienage, Disability and Religion]
Student Vehicle Searches
Personal Searches
Desk Searches
Sexual Harassment [Reporting, Handling Allegations, etc.]
Entrance Age and Residence/Legal Settlement
Vaccinations & Immunizations
Transfer of Credits – Accredited and Non-Accredited School Students
Transfer Tuition/Cash Transfer of Students
Re-enrollment of Students after Expulsion
Student Publications
Student Attendance
Reporting Child Abuse
Reporting Threats Made to School Employees
Locating Missing Children
Students with Communicable Diseases
Crisis & Suicide Intervention
Psychological Services & Counseling
Corporal Punishment
Police Involvement
Dress Code
Homebound Instruction
Release Time for Religious Instruction
Non-Custodial Parent Relations
Fund Raising & Solicitation
Foreign Exchange Students
Supervision of Students
Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct
Distribution of Literature
Disclosure of Student Records [FERPA]
Directory Information
Video/Surveillance Cameras on School Property or Buses
Restraints and Isolations
Habitual Truancy
Early Entrance Appeal Procedure


Acceptable Use of Internet [students and staff members]
Disposal of Textbooks
Selection of Media Materials/Evaluation and Review
Controversial Materials/Issues
Challenges to Curriculum, Textbooks, or Media Materials
Field Trips
Textbook Adoption

Business and Property Management:

Extra-Curricular Fund
Finance & Fiscal Management
Budget Development
Budget Funds & Appropriations
Food Services
Management & Maintenance of Property [Buildings, Grounds and Equipment]
Pest Control/Pesticide Use/IPM
Rainy Day Fund

School-Community Relations:

Communication and Public Relations
Visitors to School Buildings
Special Use of School Buses
Use of School Equipment
Public Complaints
Gifts and Contributions
Solicitation in Corporation Buildings
Community Use of School Facilities