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ISBA Associate & Service Memberships

Two very important classes of membership are recognized by the ISBA-Associate and Service. The basic guidelines for the Associate and Service membership status allow ISBA to send all Association materials to these members and allow the Associate and Service members to register for ISBA-sponsored seminars and meetings. Due to the fact that the ISBA receives all notices and reports from the many state agencies that deal with school management, the Associate membership entitles the educational institution and the Service membership, the private firm, to request those materials  from ISBA.

 Service Members

Architects and manufacturers and other organizations which provide school equipment, supplies and services may become Service Members.  They shall be entitled to Service Membership under such conditions as the Board of Directors may provide, including assessment of dues. All Services Associate Members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of Associate Membership. If you’re interested in becoming an ISBA Service Associate Member, please complete the application and return to our office via fax, mail or email to Kayla Baldwin at


Associate Members

The superintendent, assistant superintendent, and/or business director of any school corporation that holds membership in the Association, and the executive officer in other education institutions may become Associate members of the ISBA. All Associate members shall be entitled to membership privileges, as determined by the Board of Directors, except the right to vote, develop policy, serve on committees, and hold elective office in the Association. Former members of boards of school trustees shall be eligible for membership and shall be assessed an annual fee fixed by the Board of Directors to cover mailing costs and other expenses. If you’re interested in becoming an ISBA Associate Member, please complete the application and return to our office via fax,  mail or email to Kayla Baldwin at